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Israel's Oil Refineries to face criminal enquiry over emissi
Published in:2013-03-27 10:42

ORL has avoided the public eye for some time over their pollution records, however, they may be catching the attention of the public soon, after the Environmental Protection Ministry launched a criminal inquiry into its operations.

  New measurements have suggested there are hundreds of cases of emission irregularities at its power station, and several other irregularities at sulfur treatment facilities. The oil refinery has been at the centre of environmental claims from local residents and environmental organisations, but it now seems that the matter will become a legal issue, as one organisation files for a criminal enquiry.

   ORL is required to conduct consistent monitoring of plant emissions which is then passed on to the Environmental Protection Ministry in Israel. The data received by the Haifa District allegedly revealed that the company did not fulfil conditions and emitted pollutants beyond the permitted levels.

   Emissions such as nitrogen-oxide and sulfuric-oxide have therefore been emitted into the atmosphere without adequate control. The results seen at the ministry must have been quite severe, as it is quite rare for the commission to take such strict action. They noted that the irregularities were extensive and so there is no escape from a criminal investigation